Rare Replay – Update veröffentlicht

Rare hat ein neues Update zu Rare Replay veröffentlicht, dass einige Bugs behebt und als Feature den Vollbildmodus freischaltet.

Die Liste der Änderungen:


  • Added full-screen support for games played without borders
  • Added developer tags to game leaderboards

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue causing players to lose progress or milestones when returning to Rare Replay from Xbox 360 titles
  • Fixed an issue causing Snapshots to crash when the player selected ‘Retry’
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when users reverted to classic controls in Jet Force Gemini
  • Fixed an issue truncating some leaderboard values
  • Fixed an issue changing the audio pitch in Battletoads Arcade
  • Fixed a number of minor UI bugs

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