Xbox One Dashboard 2.0 – Update für Preview Mitglieder

Wie wir bereits berichteten erscheint das Dashboard 2.0 für die Xbox One offiziell am 12. November 2015. Microsoft hat heute für Preview Mitglieder ein weiteres Update mit der Größe von 402 MB veröffentlicht .


  • My Games & Apps: You should no longer encounter any tiles that are blank in your collection.
  • Apps Crashing Fixes: Various Apps no longer crash on startup or during usage. 
  • Formatting Hard Drives: You should no longer run into issues when formatting external hard drives.
  • Edge Browser: You should no longer encounter a black screen when browsing in Edge. 
  • Adding profile: You should no longer have issues adding your profile to your Xbox One. 
    • NOTE: If you still have issues signing into your account, you may need to perform the following: 
      1. Go to Settings > Account > Remove, then delete your account. 
      2. Open the guide, scroll up to the Sign in tab. 
      3. Choose Add & Manage Add new to re-add your profile to your console.


Be sure to check out the Preview Dashboard app for details on how you can help! Our highlighted quests for this release are:

  • Take a photo: This quest encourages you to try out the new Xbox One Avatar experience, and give us your feedback.
  • Rate the Calendar: Go to Beta games and apps to get access to the Community Calendar app, then rate it with this survey to let us know what you think!



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